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This blog is all about East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. I fell in love with the wide variety of cultures, languages and foods of this region during my first visit and the trips that followed.

The blog’s name is “Eurasiatic” because I’m a mix of both. Mostly European (Dutch) but enhanced with Asianness (Indonesian grandmother). I used to live in The Netherlands but I currently I live in the beautiful city of London in the United Kingdom.

On this blog you will find book reviews, movie reviews, music finds, recipes, food I came across and basically anything else related to this part of the world.

Hopefully you’ll discover something new and exciting. If you do so make sure to leave a comment!


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hi! Awesome blog!
    I’m British, but currently living in China with my Indonesian boyfriend, we’ve travelled around parts of South east Asia together and I have to say I really like your blog-
    I’ve learnt a lot from it.
    I will definitely be heading to Chinatown when I get back to London. I need to find a place that sells Ting Ting Jahe!

    Thanks, and keep blogging 🙂


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