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Korean Ginseng Drink

Healthy and delicious. Whenever I come across a Chinese food store I always try to find one of these drinks. There’s something about the taste of Ginseng that really attracts me.

The word “Ginseng” is derived from the Chinese term rénshēn which means “man root”. It owes its name to its forked shape which resembles the legs of a man.

In Chinese medicine, Ginseng is known to stimulate the flow of Qi. According to this site the concept of Qi is:

Korean Ginseng Drink“Concept of Qi was originally a philosophic concept. The ancients believed that the world changes and things in the world can transform from one to another, so when they tried to explain the world with a common substance, they determined that the substance must have two properties: invisibility and motion. As it is invisible or has no certain shape, it can create various kinds of things; and as it is moving, things in the world are always changing and may transform from one to another. Air, the original meaning of Qi, is just such a substance which cannot be seen but the movement of which, as wind, can be felt. This was extended to mean that the most basic substance of the world, and its movement and change can explain the generation, development and change of all things in the world.”

In combination with other herbs, ginseng is in traditional Chinese medicine to balance disharmonies in the body before they become diseases.

This drink contains the root and has been sweetened a little. These are the places where I found it: