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Ginger Root

*This is not the actual candy but a ginger root. I ate all the candy before I got out my camera 🙂

When I go back to The Netherlands I’m never on the lookout for Dutch food. I just don’t crave it. Instead of going to the Albert Heijn supermarkets I prefer a visit to the local “toko” (Indonesian shop). On my last visit to The Netherlands I paid a visit to Toko Mitra in the town of Utrecht.

This little shop of goodness used to be located in the city centre at the basement level of the Bijenkorf department store. To my great surprise it wasn’t there anymore. I almost panicked. Fortunately it moved right across the street. Pfew!

They have a wide selection of fresh Indonesian food like nasi rames, nasi goreng, bami goreng, satay and gado-gado. Since I just had breakfast I only bought some green tea (Kepala Djenggot brand, meaning “bearded head”) and some ginger sweets called “Ting Ting Jahe”. These turned out to be absolutely delicous!

The chews are wrapped in edible rice paper and coated in powdered sugar. They’re different from American ginger chews. I came across these when I was in the beautiful city of Toronto earlier this year. Ting Ting Jahe is less chewy and much more fiery than its American counterpart. Exactly the way ginger candy is supposed to taste like!

The ingredients used in Ting Ting Jahe are sugar, maltose, ginger, tapioca and margarine. Just a few ingredients but what a rich taste!

They might be hard to find in the UK but Amazon.com sells them. I have a lunchtime visit to Chinatown planned this week and hopefully I’ll come across a bag of these amazing treats. I’ll let you know if I do.

Update: I visited Chinatown’s New Loon Moon supermarket on Gerrard Street but couldn’t find Ting Ting Jahe. The quest continues …